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Where weathered salts and casual sailors can find products to fit their marine needs.

From Den-Dry Condensation Control products to boating photography, Ravenwolf Marine has you covered. Literally. We handle many canvas needs, such as winch covers and cockpit cushions.

Have you experienced hull condensation in your boat lockers, leaving clothing wet and mildewed? What about mattress condensation? Folks who spend a considerable amount of time on their boat, liveaboards especially, will notice that pesky mildew smell, most often in winter. Our bodies produce an insane amount of BTUs. Heat + cold surface = condensation. Den-Dry Mattress Underlay is a terrific way to battle mattress condensation. Den-Dry Locker Liner is a superb front line defense against interior hull condensation in lockers.

We stand behind this product 100% because we use this product on our sailboat.

RWM also carries various salty life products, such as games that can be played on a tilted table during a righteous heel. Ravenwolf Marine helps make your cruise a howlin' good time.

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