Den-Dry Condensation Control

Den-Dry Condensation Control

Mattress condensation and locker moisture, oh my!

One challenge boaters and RV owners are faced with is condensation. Winter is the season when boaters will see an increase with moisture issues, especially when it comes to mattress condensation.

What favors these conditions? Mold and mildew. Unlike in Spring and Summer, problems with mildew and mold become more prevalent. Warm, toasty inside cold outside. What happens when warm air hits cold surfaces? Condensation! Sure, DampRid helps pull the moisture out of the air in the salon, but have you tried placing it under your mattress? It's not exactly comfortable. One would be like the Princess and the Pea trying to sleep. Here at Ravenwolf Marine, we found a solution to funk from mattress condensation and locker moisture.

Condensation occurs when warm air comes into contact with colder surfaces.  Guess what gets chilly on boats in the winter? The hull. The settees. The berths. Just about everything that’s fiberglass or wood gets colder than the air.  Water droplets form, then run together then bam, mildew, rot and other nasties under your mattress or in your lockers.

Nothing can stop this natural process from happening, condensation will always form when warm and wet meets cool. What we can do is allow separation, evaporation and airflow to do their magic, and keep our cushions, mattresses, and clothing dry.

That’s what Den-Dry is all about. It elevates and separates bedding, cushions and clothing from the moisture that would have soaked in. The engineered material polymer filaments provide a springy and water-proof support system, allowing air to flow through, carrying moisture away, and protecting your cushions from mildew and rot.

Den-Dry comes in two different styles, engineered for the two different kinds of moisture control boaters need.  Den-Dry Mattress Underlay is a thick pad that is made to take heavy loads and lay flat on the surfaces under cushions and mattresses.  Den-Dry Locker Liner is a lighter, more flexible material that goes inside lockers, conforming to the curve of the hull, protecting clothing and other items in the locker from the moisture that accumulates on the cool inner hull surface.

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